Our Calling

The Jetsetters concept was created to meet the needs of busy women, young or professional. Being one herself, the designer wanted to make clothes that were comfortable yet glamorous. Life taught her that the best garments are easy to wear and easy to care for. They go from day to night, function to function with a simple change of accessories and are fashionable from London to Paris, Moscow to New York. 

The Jetset woman is a citizen of the world. She can fuse various pieces into an eclectic style that is both effortless and polished. She is confident knowing she can dress for any situation or setting at a moment’s notice with a quick look through her closet. 

Inspiration breeds innovation. With its comfort and versatility, knitwear is the way forward and our savvy clients know this. Our creative team takes the latest trends spins them into pieces that are both current and timeless, bound to become a wardrobe staple. The Jetsetters is more than a lifestyle; it is a mindset that any woman can embrace at any age.

Let us take you on a fashion journey with The Jetsetters.